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December 30, 2008


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Update: Created a ticket as a paying customer, just for the hell of it.

Melanie (TypePad Support)

Hi, and we're so sorry about this! It looks like you were receiving blank emails instead of the replies that we were sending to you. I've updated your ticket, so you should have a thorough answer and explanation for the problem there. Thanks for letting us know that this was happening! We'll take a look into why the email replies to you were blank.

Please feel free to open a ticket like the one that you did at any time - we're happy to help.

Roger Butterfield

Looks like there's something weird going on at TypePad - my blog seems to have developed a mind of its own!



Actually it looks like the emails are incorrectly encoded. The Content-Type says multipart/alternative and so my email client shows me the preferred alternative, which for me is the first part (the text part) and your actual replies are only visible in the HTML parts which follow.

Your responder should use "Content-type: multipart/related" or simply be redesigned to better conform to email standards (I have never seen anything like this attempted before).

Or, as a really minimal alternative, add the text "Our response is attached below; you will need a HTML-capable email client to view it" to the first text part -- actually that would already have cleared this up for me quite well.

(Also submitted the above as a response to the support ticket I had opened, where Melanie explained all of this. I see now that the earlier exchange by email was a failure to communicate properly from my side as well -- their automation apparently stripped away the quoted parts which were significant for understanding the problem.)


@Roger B.: Not really clear what you are referring to, care to explain?

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